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WARRANTY:  6 months (90 days with accessories)

Acoustune ARS153 Limited Edition SHO Cable 4.4mm Balanced Connection 5 Pole Plug Version

New hybrid cable with 16-wire structure
"ARS153" is a recable product that uses a 4.4 mm 5-pole plug jack part based on the ARS100 series that is standard attached to the HS2000MX SHO - 笙 - and was commercialized as one of the optional parts that were strongly requested by users from the beginning of the release of the HS2000MX SHO - 笙.

Jointly developed with a manufacturer specializing in audio cables, the hybrid cable of silver-coat OFC wire and ultra-fine OFC wire is continuously adopted as a wire rod with a 16-core structure and Japan Dix Pentaconn Ear terminal. Deep Sea Blue, the color of the earphone body, is also adopted for the metal parts such as the connector, splitter part, and earphone jack part, while leaving the metal parts with high degree of workmanship accuracy as it is, creating harmony with the entire earphone and producing a sense of luxury.

*No non-magnetic materials are used for the 4.4mm jack part.

Aluminum case included
It comes with a robust aluminum case. From everyday use to long journeys, it protects the earphone body in various scenes and makes it easy to carry.

・Aluminum case
・Cable tie ×2

Product Info
Format: ARS153
Connector: Pentaconn Ear
Plug: 4.4mm 5 poles L shape
Cable Length: Approx. 1.2m
Specification: 16-core, silver-coat hybrid cable (silvercoat OFC & ultra-fine OFC / triple shielded / double twist 16-core / Grace)
Warranty period: 6 months (90 days with accessories)

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