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Hai Wei (Mr. Lim)
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Audio-GD R1 (2021)
Real balance DAC
Fully Dedicated Discrete R-2R resistor ladders technology applied
OS/NOS modes selection on front plate
Built In 4 Groups of DA-8 V2 Modules
Built In FPGA Processor to Reject Jitter
DSD , DXD 32bit / 384K Support From USB / HDMI
Built with OCC and Hi-end parts

DA8 V2 released
Since 7th Dec. 2018, the DA8 module had upgraded to DA8 V2.
It has the hardware upgraded, that included the circuit upgrade and ladder resistors parameter changed.
In audition, the upgrade had improved a bit on transparency and detail, more real like on sound stage.
In measure the THD improved over 6DB.

Pros and cons of R-2R DAC :
1.R-2R will not convert the clock signal into the output signal.
2. R-2R is not sensitive to jitter while Delta-Sigma D/A is much more sensitive to jitter.
3. The output signal is much more precise compared to Delta-Sigma D/A .
1.THD today is extremely good with Sigma Delta chips; R2R ladders are good too but not as good.
2. Glitches and accuracy of the ladder resistors are very difficult to avoid and require complex technology to resolve it.

Importunacy of the FPGA in the R-1:
FPGA stands for Programmable Array Logic.
Nowadays the FPGA is applied in a lot high end grade DACs; like the popular ROCKNA WAVEDREAM DAC.
The internal hardware design is fully controlled by complex software. A huge advantage is the fact the software in the FPGA can easily be upgraded offering new features or improve the performance. Such design is much flexible and future proof!

FPGA tasks in the R-1
The FPGA in the R-1 is responsible for:
1. High performance SPDIF interface, replacing traditional less good performing SPDIF interface chips like DIR9001, WM8805 or AK411X,etc.
2. Full re-clocking process with FIFO design applicable on all inputs. This way the output data keeps fully synchronized with the clock signal to reject any jitter.
3. Built in 2X, 4X and 8X oversampling and digital filters and on top of this 4 different true NOS (only analog 6dB filtering) modes. To completely configure it to your liking!

Fully discrete real balanced output stages
Heavy power supplies design

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