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Moondrop A8 - 8 BA Drivers IEM Earphone with Detachable Cable
(1 Year Limited Warranty, T&C Applies, Warranty does not apply for human factor damage)

Known for its accurate tunings and high-end designs, Moondrop offers a whole lineup of audiophile-grade products at an affordable price–and the A8 IEMs are no exception. Each ear has two low-frequency BA drivers, four medium-frequency BA drivers, and two high-frequency BA drivers that work together to create an ideal harmonic frequency response. Everything comes encased in a crystal-clear housing that gives you a view of all the internals.

Scientific and rigorous 8 drivers structure
2 low-frequency BA drivers, 4 medium-frequency BA drivers, and 2 high-frequency BA drivers. Scientific and reasonable driver configuration, complex and precise frequency dividing circuit adjusts the 8 balanced armature drivers to the ideal harmonic frequency response, and pursues the frequency division number in the end, but takes the actual sound quality and indicators of each frequency band as considerations to be rigorous and scientific.

Exquisite handmade craftsmanship
A8 is a high-end product of the series. In order to pursue a more crystal-clear appearance, a pure hand-made process is used. From die-casting, installation, grinding, polishing, all done by experienced technicians
Due to the fine and slow production method, A8 has a maximum capacity of only 3 sets each day.
But in this crystal clear cavity, you can't even find any flaws.

Accurate to horrible sound quality control
As the high-end model of the customized series of headphones, the A8 always uses ±0.5dB as the control standard from the pairing of components/units to the detection of the production process to the final sound quality detection. The deviation value is greater than this. Complete elimination of devices and finished products
The earphone control mode is more strict with 0.5dB frame lines instead of the usual point sampling (the industry usually has ±3dB)

Brand: Moondrop
Model: A8
Connector: 3.5mm
Cable Length:1.2m


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