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Portable DAC Discrete Headphone Amplifier 32bit 768kHz DSD512

Fully Discrete . Hi-Res . Multi-Scenario
The BU1 is a high quality portable DAC with headphone amplifier that purely focuses on sound quality. It supports up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD512 decoding; the amp is fully discrete; supports Apple/Android portable devices/portable music player connection; can be used in multiple scenarios.

Your Smartphone's Best Partner
As smartphone supports higher resolution music files and the online music library grows larger, the portable Hi-Res DAC with headphone amplifier is becoming a must fo phone HiFi. Connected to the BU1, your cellphone will instantly become a Hi-Res music player.

Add the Special Taste of Fully Discrete to Your DAP
The BU1 supports connection with portable music players via USB. Try the special taste of the fully discrete amp.

Reproduce the Master-Tape Level Music on Your Computer
Connect the BU1 and your computer to decode PCM768k and DSD512. Then connect it to active speakers or headphones. A vivid music scene will be presented to you.

Rigorous Hardware Selection
The communication level SR series PCB leads to better high frequencies; the Bl conductive film potentiometer leads to higher precision; the ultra-low-jitter oscillator leads to higher sound purity; the ceramic COG capacitor leads to lower distortion.

Positive and negative voltage regulator
Like its big brother the B1s, the BU1 uses positive and negative voltage regulators to ensure constant optimal operation of the device, while maximizing its performance and promoting its dynamic range.

Discrete amplification stage
The BU1 uses a DC-feedback amplification circuit and is totally discreet. This architecture provides a better frequency response and an excellent transient response. For this purpose, high-performance ON transistors are integrated.

Beautiful housing
The chassis of the BU1 is machined with a CNC directly in an Aluminium block. Precisely cut, its design does not include any screws for a perfect result. With its brushed finish and beautiful, perfectly integrated buttons, the BU1 is not only robust, but also has a sublime aesthetic.

Product type: Portable DAC and Headphone Amplifier
DAC: ES9038Q2M
Dimensions: 6.5cm (Width) x 1.8cm (Height) x 12.6cm (Length)
Weight: 210g
Chassis Material: CNC Aluminium with Special Surface Treatment for Heat Distribution
THD+n: 0.00076%
Battery: 4000mAh
Playback Hours: 8 hours

Case material: Brushed Aluminium
Color: Gold and brown
Package: 1x Aune BU1, 1x USB cable, 1x USB-C to Micro USB cable


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