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2 Years Limited Warranty (T&C applies, warranty excludes human factor damage)

GSX 1200 PRO
Unleash the game
Designed for the driven team gamer, connect up to eight GSX 1200 PRO Audio Amplifiers for some of the best in class hard-wired lag-free game chat. Separate control of inbound and outbound chat delivers precise team communication for on-the-fly strategy discussions. Our 7.1 Virtual Surround Algorithm delivers the ultimate in spatial awareness and positional gaming audio. One-touch mode switch to select between audio profiles and speaker/headset provide precise control of both game and chat audio.

Binaural Rendering Engine – 7.1 surround
Chain up to eight GSX 1200 PRO Amplifiers
Built in DAC and EQ modes
Separate control for game audio and chat
Customize sound profiles for specific games
One-touch switch mode for control of audio settings
Lock your settings to prevent accidental changes

Binaural Rendering Engine – 7.1 surround
The proprietary high-tech audio engine delivers exceptional spatial awareness and positional game audio. Deep bass extension, extreme acoustic clarity and precise accuracy deliver the game audio details and positional audio cues for instant reaction and an immersive game experience.

Link up your GSX 1200 PRO Amplifiers
Daisy chain up to eight amplifiers together for the ultimate in lag-free team communication. Hard-wiring the amplifiers together creates a direct communication link to your team and delivers precise, clear and instant team chat for strategizing through the most intense game action.

Separate control for game audio and chat
Separate controls for game audio and chat allows you to cut through the noise when needed for precise on-the-fly collaborative team communication

Built in DAC and EQ modes
Get precise control of your game audio with a dedicated DAC chip and EQ presets. Specially attuned audio presets for competitive gaming focus and balance sound frequencies where they are needed for the ultimate in audio detail, accuracy and game realism

Settings Lock
The LED Panel is sensor activated for quick settings change - hover your hand over the panel and it activates. To prevent accidental changes, a settings lock is also provided. Game organizers can also lock audio controls for both teams to create a level audio playing field.

Separate inbound/outbound chat contro


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