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2 Years Limited Warranty (T&C applies, warranty excludes human factor damage)

The GSP 303

The Sennheiser GSP 303 Need for Speed™ Payback Edition in collaboration with Electronic Arts delivers a mesmerizing gaming experience. The ultra comfortable memory foam ear pads ensure best-in-class acoustic isolation, while its famed acoustic technology enhances every racing session with even greater clarity and realism. Get ready for some serious fun and experience the sound of the engines to the fullest.

The GSP 300 multiplatform gaming headset is created for the gamer that deems good audio critical in their game enjoyment. EPOS engineered audio quality lets you experience explosions to the fullest and delivers an immersive gaming experience. A microphone with flexible lift-to-mute boom arm delivers crisp and clear game chat, and best fit is delivered by a ball-joint hinge to angle the ear cups. Let the high-quality audio of the GSP 300 headset take your game performance to the next level.

Best ”all round” gaming headset
The value proposition in a sturdy, high quality gaming headset, the GSP 300 delivers the bass-heavy sound for an immersive experience, and the crisp, clear audio needed for team communication during intensive play. Closed back for noise isolation, enjoy your game to the fullest with the GSP 300.

Ergonomic and stylish design
Designed and extensively tested for durability, a clever ball-joint hinge allows adjustments to different head sizes and shapes. The XL memory foam ear pads not only provide passive noise attenuation, but wear comfort. The GSP 300 headset is available in three stylish lifestyle color choices.

Closed acoustic gaming headset
The GSP 300 closed acoustic gaming headset with XL memory foam pads create a comfortable acoustic seal and lets you focus on your game with an immersive audio experience. Designed for passive noise attenuation, enjoy high quality game audio even in noisy environments.

Microphone with flexible lift-to-mute boom arm
For improved control over in-game communication, the flexible boom arm allows you to adjust the microphone for best voice pick-up positioning. The microphone mutes automatically when you raise the boom arm, keeping your personal life private.

Intuitive volume control
An integrated volume wheel on the right ear cup of the headset allows for quick adjustments while gaming. There is no need to switch out of your game to adjust the loudness of your game audio.

EPOS engineered audio
Engineered to deliver the audio cues needed for faster in-game reactions, high quality audio enhances to your gaming experience and performance. Deep bass extension allows you to experience explosions to the fullest and acoustic clarity delivers crisp game chat for in-game strategy discussions.


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