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Shozy Black Hole - High Fidelity Semi-Open IEM Earphone with 10mm Dynamic Driver

SHOZY® Black Hole High Fidelity Semi-Open In-ear Monitor

The Black Hole is SHOZY’s most advanced In-ear design in Q4, year 2020, Co-engineered with KOOK™ Electro-Acoustic Engineering Lab from the USA with patented acoustic technologies applied. This compact, semi-open dynamic design utilizes various results from acoustic researches, and more importantly a lot of field tests and adjustment comparing the output with actual live performances at live halls and recording facilities. After more than 2-years of meticulous tuning and reshaping the team achieves an unbelievably realistic, extremely expansive staging that puts you in the middle of the show, extracting naturally the ambiance as well as lots of micro-details and qualities that are normally lost in portable audio reproduction while maintaining accurate positioning and extreme low distortion in all frequencies. No need to say, the background is as dark as a black hole as long as your outputs are clean.

Super fast response, minimal coloration and ultra-low distortion designed to capture details and energies of instruments

The Black Hole captures and replays the momentum and energy of instruments and vocal in the most effortless and authentic way. You can experience its power in details retrieval with grand orchestra ensembles that records a wide range of instruments with vivid, fast and layered bass attacks with far reaching treble. The sound-stage stretches effortlessly far and wide without compressing the height and making the vocal recessed. The vocal image is clearly positioned and centered with realistic reconstruction of the tone and energy, with very little coloration.

Type : Semi-open back
Driver:10mm dynamic
Impedance:16 Ohm
Frequency response:16 Hz-24KHz
Sensitivity:105 dB
SPL:125dB @ 1KHz
THD (Total harmonic distortion):< 1% @ 1KHz
Color option: Gloss Black/ Gold/ Silver/ Rose Gold
Termination: 3.5mm/ Gold-plated
Cable length: 1.2m


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