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Whizzer Haydn A15 PRO Stainless Steel Dynamic Driver IEM Earphones with MMCX Detachable Cable

Building on its successful predecessor Whizzer have taken the design of the A15 and improved key aspects to create a professional reference listening tool, the A15 PRO. Improved drivers design has resulted in a neutral sound with more detail and crisp treble extension. With new cable design, enhanced drivers, improved silicone eartips and reduced housing size, the A15 PRO is sure to become your number one reference monitor earphone. To convey a highly detailed sound that reproduces the finest nuances of sound, the drivers of the A15 PRO have undergone an overhaul that achieves higher density and durability. The result of increased detail and neutral sound stage will satisfy professional musicians and critical audiophile listeners. Whizzer have taken the cable design of the A15 PRO to the next level with high purity single crystal copper wire that conveys more detail for true reference listening. The cables are detachable and terminate with MMCX connectors on the earphone side for easy handling.

Retaining the stainless steel housing but with smaller dimensions the A15 PRO offers enhanced wearing comfort while retaining a highly stable structure with minimal vibrations. The improved dimensions make the A15 PRO more comfortable when wearing glasses.

To make the A15 a versatile earphone the cable features a detachable design with low-profile MMCX connectors that have been custom-made to highest specifications. The plug has been crafted with highest durability and plated with 24K gold for enhanced signal transfer and durability.


Driver: 10mm Beryllium Dynamic
Sensitivity: 98dB
Impedance: 16Ω
Frequency response range: 20Hz - 40kHz
Connections: Angled 3.5mm / MMCX
Housing material: Stainless steel
Cable length: 1.2m
Wire material: 6N OFC
Dimensions: 18x17x15 (mm)
Weight: 8.9g


Exceptional rigid plated beryllium coated drivers achieve detailed sound
Heightened detail and wider sound image suitable for reference listening
Lighter and smaller construction than A15
Detachable cable with custom MMCX connectors
24K gold-plated plugs with highest durability
Ear guides with copper and titanium memory wire
Improved silicone eartips with more natural and secure fit

Whizzer A15 PRO IEM Earphones in Black
Detachable MMCX audio cable (1.2m)
8 Pairs of Ear Tips
Guitar plectrum
Carrying case with magnetic locking function
Warranty and user manual


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