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Local Limited Warranty (Subjected to Burson Audio T&C)

Burson Audio Conductor 3 Reference 3R / 3X Reference 3XR Headphone Amp Pre Amp Pure DAC

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+ Headphone Amplifier / Pre Amplifier / Pure DAC
+ 7.5W Class A XLR / 3.7W SE (3XR)
+ 7.5W Class A SE (3R)
+ 2x ESS9038 DAC
+ Bluetooth 5.0
+ XMOS USB (up to DSD512)
+ Upgradable Opamps

[The Best XLR DAC / Headphone Amp / Preamp]

Being the best of its time. This has been the sole design goal of each Burson Conductors since 2007. The Reference Conductors took three years to build and leave the competition for dust.

The Conductor 3 and 3X are uncompromising, with one DAC chip per channel. Class-A and using top quality components throughout, including Neutrik XLR connectors, they are the perfect command centre of any audio system.

The 3X achieves ultra-low output impedance by going fully balanced, making it a future proof all-in-one machine.

If your audio system is single-ended, the Conductor 3 is its perfect upgrade.

[Advanced Digital]

The SABRE32/ESS9038Q2M DAC and XMOS USB receiver chips are the most advanced and expensive in the industry. There are two ESS9038 DAC chips in our C3 Reference and its USB receiver comes with a customised driver by Thesycon, Germany. The result is unsurpassed processing power, perfectly playing back DSD512 and 32bit/768khz audio.

[Max Power X 5]

Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) [+] raises voltage frequency from 50Hz to 170kHz, pushing noise beyond human hearing. Its low impedance ensures abundant and instant energy for output transistors. The C3X Reference uses 5 sets of MCPS: Which means, Display/Functionality, DAC, analouge left and analouge right are all separately powered.

[Go to your Roon!]

Roon is the most popular streaming and HD music management platform for audiophiles. Burson is part of this fantastic ecosystem.

Our DACs are Roon Tested, and they seamlessly connect with any 3rd party Roon Ready audio streamers.

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