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Local Limited Warranty (Subjected to Burson Audio T&C)

Burson Audio Conductor 3X Grand Tourer (Balanced XLR / Single Ended 6.35mm)
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Flagships 15 years in the making

+ 10W Class-A Headphone Amps
+ 2x ESS9038 DAC
+ Bluetooth 5.0
+ Up to PCM 768kHz / DSD512
+ Active Cooling with Noctua Fan
+ Burson V6 Vivid Opamps

Forged in 15 years of experience, the all-in-one Burson Conductors GTs are the 7th generation of our most iconic product. Once again, they are redefining performance, functionality and aesthetics.

The Conductor 3/3X GTs share the same digital section, featuring two ESS9038 DAC chips. However, these models are taking that unique Burson house sound further with a new discrete output stage.

In contrast, their analogue amplification circuitries are very different, each optimised for their purposes.

Combining our proprietary technologies such as the MCPS, Burson opamps and high current amplification, with the result of our collaboration with industry partners such as Roon and Thesycon, we are making the Conductor 3/3X GTs epic!

[ Optimised for Balanced ]

The Conductor 3X GT optimises XLR balanced audio performance with a fully differential and discrete signal path. Delivering 10W balanced and 5W Single-ended, it has the power to drive any headphones and enough inputs and outputs to be the command centre of any audio system.

[ Optimised for Single Ended ]

The Conductor 3 GT, with a shorter signal path and fewer active components, is from-the-ground-up optimised for single-ended listening. Adopting a higher power type transistor, it delivers 10W into single-ended headphones. With twice the working current, this purist design is the end-game machine for any single-ended audio system!

[ Not all DACs sound the same ]

These days, DACs from different brands can sound identical if they use the same DAC chip. This is because they use the same (publicly available) standard circuitry DAC chip makers provide. This approach reduces R&D time, cost and risk. These DACs also use similar parts, opamps, power supplies and working voltage. The resulting sound is unavoidably generic.

In the Conductor 3/3X GTs, we tailored a new output stage to utilise the wide bandwidth of our Vivid opamps. Combined with our proprietary Max Current Power Supply, our unique house sound reaches a new level of detail and tonality.

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