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(Class A Nano) Sennheiser HD800 / HD800S Earpads (with Bracket)

Material: Nano synthetic leather
Outer Diameter: 109mm*122mm
Height: 15mm
Filter: No
Bracket: Yes


The nano synthetic leather provides the feel that is similar to the original earpads and will retain the sound as the original earpads, with a slightly thicker foam to it.


Class S / A / B:

Class S is the best quality earpads we have. It’s thicker, softer, more comfortable and long lasting than most of the stock earpads.

Class A has the same advantage of Class S but not as good, but the quality is still better than or similar to most of the stock earpads.

Class B’s quality is quite close to the stock one, but with a much cheaper price.



【DIY: how to make you old headphones GREAT AGAIN】

Customers always told that they need to change a headphone because the earpads and headband pad started to peel off. Yup I’ll be very happy if you keep buying new stuff, but today, I decided to save our planet and your wallet. Just 2 simple steps, and the problem will be solved.

◆ 99% of the earpads are REPLACEABLE. So, what you need to do is to buy a new pair.
How to remove the earpads and fit them back? Well, every models are different. Better do some research on Youtube before you DIY.

◆ headband pad started to peel off?’s troublesome and more complicated. Not every headband pad can be removed and changed easily. Some of them may need to be sent back to the manufacturer.
I won’t suggest you to dismantle your headphone. It’s too risky for newbie. So, just buy a piece of cloth cover and wrap it over the headband. Out of sight, out of mind.

Demo units available for testing.

▲ Kindly PM us if you’re interested with earpads of other headphones.

▲ Differences between PU and Velour.
- Velour has the best comfortbility. It's soft and flexible. Sound stage wider, bass lesser, imaging softer.
- PU feels more solid but you might feel a bit hot after long time wearing. It sounds louder and more focus. Imaging is clearer, more forward and lively.

▲ Differences between Class A and Class B.
Material of Class A is thicker and more elastic. It’s more comfortable for long time wearing with solid sound.

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