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Colbie 王思涵 First Debut Album - C班人生 C for Cat

Hi-res master copy (24bit 48kHz) included
◆ Album cover designed by 一 亻一 半 kongsi design
◆ Mandarin indie pop
◆ RM89.90 per set

Colbie is a talented and versatile local singer-songwriter, music producer and director. “C For Cat / C班人生” - her first debut album - is not only a collection of her best works, but also a diary that recorded her thoughts and observations about love, life, and social phenomenon in the city we live in.
She is never a “Class A” student that attracts all of the attention and resources. Therefore, she can conceal in her own corner to observe everything with a new, unique view and indifferent attitude - like a cat. C for cat.
Stars Picker was honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the birth of “C for Cat”. Anole VX, the top-of-the-line monitoring in-ear-headphones from QDC is partly sponsored by us and the manufacturer. It helps Colbie to monitor the recordings accurately without missing any details.
When the mastering was still in progress, the team visited our new Hifi room to test out the results on audiophile bookshelf speakers, namely the Dali Epicon 2 and ATC SCM7.
Hai Wei - founder of Stars Picker - also helped to write part of the album’s introduction.



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