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1 Year Limited Warranty (subjected to Fiio T&C)

Fiio KA5 Portable DAC and Headphone Amplifier Dual CS43198 DAC

- Multifunctional Local OS
- OLED display
- Dual CS43198 DACs
- Dual 8261 amps
- Up-to PCM 768kHz/32bit, DSD256
- 3.5mm S-E + 4.4mm BAL Dual Outputs
- App connectivity

After nearly two years, the KA dongle series finally has its highest-end model, that is the KA5. During these times, we never ceased to carve the overall performance of the KA5 in terms of hardware configurations, parameters and indicators, as well as functions.

Among the USB dongles on the market in terms of cost performance, the KA5 nearly achieved the ultimate. At the same price range, the KA5 has more excellent configurations. While with the same configurations, the KA5 has a lower price. It is a truly high-end portable DAC/Amp with high cost performance.

As a high-end compact DAC/Amp, the KA5 is serious enough. From the configuration, it applies two flagship CS43198 DAC from Cirrus Logic, which supports up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD256 decoding. For better audio performance, the KA5 utilizes a 6-layer immersion-gold PCB as well as high-performance ultra-low noise op amps for powerful, robust sound.

From the configuration design, the aggressive lines of the KA5 give it a bold look, while the carefully designed texture makes it a joy to handle. The dual outputs on the right side hint at its powerful capabilities.

The KA5 supports high and low gain, 5 filters, left and right channel balance adjustments, screen rotation and other rich functions, so users can choose the proper settings according to different earbuds and usage habits. Also, the settings can be adjusted through the FiiO Control app.


Model: KA5
DAC: CS43198*2
Supported Formats: 768kHz/32bit, DSD256
USB type: Type-C USB 2.0
Dimensions: About 56.3mm x 22mm x 12mm
Weight: about 19g (excluding cable)
Display: OLED screen
Output Power (1) L+R ≥122mW+122mW (32 ohms single ended / THD+N <1%)
Output Power (2) L+R ≥265mW+265mW (32 ohms balanced / THD+N <1%)
SNR (1): ≥124dB (32 ohms/A-weighted/single-ended)
SNR (2): ≥128dB (32 ohms/A-weighted/balanced)
Noise floor: PO <1.6μV (A-weighted); BAL <1.8μV (A-weighted)
Output Impedance (1): <0.3 ohms (32 ohms load/single-ended)
Output Impedance (2): <0.35 ohms (32 ohms load/balanced)
THD+N: <0.00037% (1kHz/32 ohms/single-ended)
THD+N: <0.00037% (1kHz/-6dB ohms @ 32 ohms/balanced)

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