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Fiio M23

The M23 utilizes the AK4191EQ and AK4499EX DACs, separating the digital and analog aspects of the audio chain. Thanks to FiiO’s DWA Routing Technology, this model significantly improves the signal-to-noise ratio. Expect audio that’s smooth, relaxed, and natural—clear but not sterile.

Desktop mode on demand
With a simple click, the M23 transitions to desktop mode, drawing power from an external source. This capability allows the player to double as a desktop audio device, ideal for prolonged listening sessions without draining the battery.

Power in your pocket
The introduction of dual USB Type-C ports in the M23, one dedicated solely for power, supports a Super High Gain Mode. This feature enables it to drive high-impedance headphones directly from your pocket, delivering up to 1000mW+1000mW per channel.

Superior amplification with THX AAA 78+
The M23 builds on the success of its predecessors by incorporating the THX AAA 78+ amplifier design, which offers more powerful audio output with high fidelity. This advanced design ensures truly balanced 8-channel parallel amplification, minimizing crosstalk and enhancing clarity.

Independent power supplies
The device features four separate power supplies for its digital and analog components, ensuring precise audio processing and pure analog sound output.

Designed for durability and performance
The M23’s large 5500mAh battery is crafted for longevity, employing advanced materials and technologies. It supports dual-mode fast charging, rapidly replenishing power to keep your music playing.

DAPS Bit-perfect Audio Purification System
The M23 features the Digital Audio Purification System (DAPS), which preserves the original sample rate of every audio file, ensuring no alteration through resampling. This system is beneficial across various scenarios, including when using FiiO Music or third-party apps, or in USB DAC mode.

Customize your sound
For those who like to tailor their listening experience, the M23 offers a built-in 10-band PEQ. This allows detailed adjustments of frequency, gain, and bandwidth, either to suit personal taste or to compensate for a headphone’s frequency response curve.

Product highlights:
Flagship AKM DAC technology for superior sound clarity
Desktop mode for uninterrupted power during extended use
Dual USB Type-C ports with dedicated power input
THX AAA 78+ amplifier for powerful, accurate audio
High fidelity architecture with multiple gain settings
Premium components for stable, detailed sound
Independent digital and analog power supplies
Large capacity battery with sophisticated charging modes
Digital Audio Purification System for flawless playback
10-band PEQ and ALL TO DSD for ultimate audio customization
Elegant, durable design with a choice of materials and colors

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