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Hifiman Ananda Nano (2023) Stealth Magnet Planar Magnectic Headphone


ANANDA NANO represents a generational leap forward for the popular headphone. Marking its third iteration, the ANANDA NANO features the Nanometer Thickness Diaphragm. Based on the reference SUSVARA open-back headphone, the diaphragm results in ultra-low distortion, lightning fast transient response, and demonstrable improvement in dynamics and overall details when compared to the original, highly acclaimed model.

“The ANANDA has been one of our most popular headphones since we introduced it in 2018,” said Dr. Fang Bian, Founder and CEO, HIFIMAN. “But with the development of the Nanometer Thickness Diaphragm, we saw a clear path to improving on its performance while maintaining the wide soundstage and pleasing musicality that made the original model an audiophile favorite."

The Stealth Magnet that was designed for the SUSVARA is now part of the ANANDA NANO. This design is recognized for the way it enables soundwaves to pass through the magnets without causing interference

The advanced magnet design is acoustically transparent, dramatically reducing turbulence that degrades the integrity of the sound waves. The reduced distortion yields pure sonic output that is accurate and full range.

The hybrid headband design disperses weight evenly along the strap, for unmatched comfort over extended listening sessions. A metal earcup holder enhances durability for years of listening pleasure. Inputs are 3.5mm for enhanced connectivity and compatibility with a wide range of aftermarket cables.

Frequency Response: 5Hz-55kHz
Sensitivity: 94dB
Impedance: 14Ω
Weight: 419g


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