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Key Features of the Mini Shangri-La:

▪️Nano-Thickness Diaphragm: Experience unmatched detail and precision with this ultralight diaphragm, ensuring the headphones keep up with even the most demanding audio.

▪️Nano Particle Coating: A nano particle coating is evenly distributed on the headphone's diaphragm to ensure accurate conductivity and stability.

▪️Nanometer Protection Layer: The nanometer protection layer is near transparent to sound waves, achieving high fidelity accuracy.
Mini Shangri-La Specs:

Headphone Drivers: Push-Pull Electrostatic Transducer, Planar Design
Frequency Response: 7Hz-90kHz
Headphone Weight: 320g
Amplifier Weight: 5.82kg
Amplifier Dimension: 255mm x 251mm x 93mm
Bias Voltage: 550V-650V

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