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Stealth Magnet Technology

The SUSVARA UNVEILED integrates HIFIMAN’s Stealth Magnet technology, which utilizes an asymmetrical, double-sided magnetic circuit. This design optimizes the magnet’s gap and cross-sectional shape, both inside and outside the diaphragm, ensuring maximum sound transmission and precise diaphragm control. This approach minimizes distortion, delivering a naturally warmer sound with enhanced imaging and transparency.

Magnetic Veil

The open design of the headphone inspired HIFIMAN to develop a removable back panel known as the Magnetic Veil. This innovation was achieved using CNC technology, which employs computer software to precisely control machines that cut, carve, and engrave materials. The Magnetic Veil fits over the ear cups, protecting the headphones from potential damage caused by the absorption of magnetic objects when not in use.


Susvara Unveiled

3m headphone cable (4-pin XLR plug)

3m headphone cable (6.35mm plug)

Pair of Magnetic Veils 

Pair of ear pads (mounted on headphone)

Owner’s Guide

Frequency Response: 6Hz – 75kHz
Impedance: 45Ω 
Sensitivity: 86dB
Weight: 430g


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