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Uncompromised Audio Fidelity: Experience the true potential of your music with HiFiMAN's audiophile-grade dynamic drivers. These drivers deliver clear, detailed sound that surpasses typical wireless earbuds.
Crystal-Clear Calls: Never miss a beat in your conversations. The TWS450 boasts HiFiMAN's ENC (Environmental Deep Noise Cancellation) technology, utilizing an AI algorithm to isolate your voice and block out unwanted background noise.

Seamless Wireless Connection: Enjoy a stable and clear connection with Bluetooth 5.3, supporting high-quality audio codecs like SBC and AAC for a lag-free listening experience.

Comfort and Style: The TWS450 features a lightweight design (3.5g) for extended wearability, while the included ear tips ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The sleek and stylish design complements your personal style

Product Specs:
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.3
Audio Codec: SBC, AAC
Transmission Distance: 10m
Battery Life: 20hrs


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