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Warranty: 1 Year Limited (T&C applies, human factor damage not applicable)

iFi audio DC Blocker - Reduces noisy transformer hum caused by DC on mains

The amplifier is the heart of your system.
If you have a mechanical hum, deploy the DC Blocker.

Got big amplifier. Bye bye mechanical hum.
Many large amplifiers have a really annoying mechanical hum (emitted from the toroidal transformer itself).

You can hear it when you place your ear close or next to the chassis.

This is caused by a small amount of DC voltage in the mains which makes its way through to the mains transformer, it will become ??aturated??and start to hum like a trooper.

The DC Blocker is a clever device that you place at the IEC (at the rear power inlet) and as its name implies, it stops DC from getting into the amplifier. It therefore eliminates amplifier transformer hum.

Cute. Clever.

All the benefits of cutting out annoying hum with no drawbacks.

- Intelligently stops any DC voltage from the mains to eliminate transformer hum
- EMI shielding is retained
- Equipment safety is unaffected

DC Blocker from iFi audio

Behind every good component is a DC Blocker.
The bigger the amplifier, usually, the larger the toroidal which is susceptible to residual DC voltage. JUst add the DC Blocker at the IEC to stop DC from getting in.

- 90-240V
- Maximum rating >7A, continuous current rating 4A
- Small size, universal application, won?? block any other connectors, sockets, or cables


ZERO DC Block technology: Blocks incoming DC ??up to 1,200mV
Voltage rating: 90 ??240 volts
Maximum current rating: > 7A
Max amplifier power: 880W or VA on 220v, 440W or VA on 110v
Continuous current rating: 4A
Universal IEC: Hospital-grade IEC connectors
Dimensions: 68 x 37 x 32 mm
Weight: 63g

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