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KIRA (Kanji: 煌), means “glittering” in Japanese.
Comparing to Sora 2, Kira is focusing on creating a warm and vocal focused earphone.
Intime has improved upon the original Vertical Support Tweeter (VST), doubling the number of tweeter count and increasing the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) by 6dB.

In Kira, the dynamic driver is coated with Carbon particles to obtain a more transparent sound in terms of mids and treble. The tuning focuses on the vocals itself in Kira has resulted in warm and thick vocals.
On the other hands, the bass is well balanced and speedy, surrounding the vocals flawlessly.
The airiness of Kira allows the listeners to feel the atmosphere of the music without ear fatiguing trebles. The bass is deep and dynamic, without the muffle and bloats.
Unlike Sora 2, Kira utilizes stainless steel shell and resin rear housing. It achieved the lightness and reduced vibrations, while maintaining the same rigidity.

◆ Hybrid Driver : 10mm diameter Carbon-Coated Dynamic Driver + VST2
◆ Impedance : 22ohm
◆ Sound Pressure Level: 100dB/mW
◆ Frequency Response: 20Hz - 50kHz
◆ Cable: Oxygen Free Copper, detachable MMCX pin + 3.5mm plug
◆ Eartips : SpinFit (S, M, L)
◆ Accessories : Earphone Pouch


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