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Intime has introduced the new successor to the best-selling model "Sora" in the famed E-Earphone Store Japan, the "Sora 2"!
SORA (Kanji: 碧), means “the blue sky” in Japanese.

Improving upon the Ceramic Tweeter VST (Vertical Support Tweeter) with Titanium Oxide coating, it improves upon the mid and high frequency that are comfortable and exciting to listen to.

Sora 2 employs a 10mm graphene-coated dynamic driver and a Vertical Support Tweeter (VST) inside a full stainless steel body. With the heavier shell, it reduces excessive vibrations and increases rigidity.
Sora 2 excels in tonal clarity, superb mids and treble region. The separation between different instruments is easily recognizable and delivers the splashing trebles for treble-head and normal listeners alike.
The presentation of the micro-details is also an exciting point for Sora 2, as it delivers the details without fatiguing the listeners.
As for the bass of Sora 2, it is punchy and precise, without bloating or over-exaggeration of bass. The unique design of VST and the dynamic driver delivers solid sound performance while being comfortable to listen to.

◆ Hybrid Driver : 10mm diameter Graphene-Coated Dynamic Driver + VST
◆ Impedance : 20ohm
◆ SPL : 102dB/mW
◆ Frequency Response : 20Hz - 40kHz
◆ Cable : Oxygen-Free Copper, 1.2m length, 3.5mm plug
◆ Eartips : Acoustune AET07 (S, M-, M+, L)


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