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DEMO CLEARANCE UNIT with 6 months warranty.

PS: For Engraving Version available (only by order, lead time additional 2 weeks), refer to last picture for engraving artwork design selection

Moondrop Blessing2 / Blessing2 Engraving | Hybrid 1DD + 4BA IEM In-ear Monitor Earphone
(1 Year Limited Warranty, T&C Applies, Warranty does not apply for human factor damage)

1 DD + 4BA Hybrid Configuration
The physical band-pass and low-pass filtering of the sound duct structure relying on 3D printing to form a hybrid three-frequency structure, which is divided by the RC power frequency division.
Dual Knowles’ SWFK high-frequency balanced armature unit is responsible for high-frequency.
A pair of exclusive custom IF units are for mid-frequency (to achieve VDSF Target Frequency.
A 10mm dynamic coil unit of a paper cone composite diaphragm is for low-frequency.
All for the transparent sounds with deep bass, middle pitch, and sweet treble.

Working with Master 3D Printing Supplier
In order to accurately achieve the complex physical filtering internal structure of Blessing2 and avoid the acoustic structure error, an ultra-high-precision 3D printing process is needed.
So we cooperate with the well-known 3D printing supplier "Heygears Technology" to apply its mature high-precision DLP-3D printing technology and use imported medical-grade UV resin to produce high precision, high transparency, high hardness, and accurate complex cavity.

Precision CNC stainless steel cover
Blessing2's cover is made of medical grade stainless steel, which is sliced by precision CNC, engraved with brushing process, and 3D printed transparent shells. All of this procedure constitute a work of art with rich industrial beauty.
One side of Blessing 2 is laser engraved with the "Blessing2" logo, while the other retains the unpainted stainless steel brushed texture.
The high adhesion of brushed stainless steel provides a chance for customer to DIY on it to show their unique personality
Not only that, you can also be creative and do various things on it, such as laser carving
You can even use it to sharpen your nails.

Impedance: 22Ω @ 1KHZ (± 15%)
Unit configuration: 1DD + 4BA
Frequency response range: 9-37khz
Treble unit: Knowles SWFK
Midrange unit: Softears D-MID-A
Effective frequency response: 20-20KHZ
Woofer: 10mm paper cone diaphragm coil
Quality control range: ± 1dB @ 1KHZ
Sensitivity: 117dB / Vrms @ 1KHZ
Change connector: 0.78-2Pin
THD: < 1% @ 1KHZ


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