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Brise Audio Murakumo Flagship Headphone Upgrade Cable

Unparalleled resolution · Information volume · High sense of freshness · Low noise floor · Aiming at wide range, We have put in all the expertise cultivated in cable production for home audio and professional audio. It has a 3 grade with a different structure.

Main cable (choose from 3 grade) + connection type for amplifier + headphones will be neccesary for production.

We adopt high purity copper wire designed to make sound quality the highest priority for high-end audio.
The insulating coating adopts fluororesin with the dielectric constant next to the air, and materials that can be used for a long time are adopted even in a hard environment while considering sound quality.
The wiring material has the same structure and the same material, it is twisted to increase noise resistance and also have physical flexibility.
This structure exerts a canceling effect against the vibration and contributes to high sound quality.

A common feature common to SHINKAI, MASAMUNE, and MURAKUMO is that,
It is adopting an extremely expensive and special wideband nonmagnetic special laminated electromagnetic wave absorbing material which is currently unavailable.
In each grade, the material is laid out effectively. While achieving the shielding effect, we have acquired extremely good sound quality.

For the micro vibration generated by the cable itself and the vibration received from the outside, a plurality of special materials make attenuate effectively, and significantly reduces the influence on sound quality.

In addition, We use a plurality of special materials effective for different bands
It suppresses the fall of the high region due to the increase in the capacitance of the cable, and has acquired the natural elongation and high texture of the high region.
On the listening, it shows a good effect on the whole band including the mid and low range.
In an actual connection environment surrounded by noise and magnetostriction disturbing music signal transmission,
In order to realize the accuracy of the sound, the denseness and the low noise floor, in order to achieve high noise resistance,We adopted a proprietary multilayer spiral structure.
By repeating trial listening and prototyping, we optimized material placement and direction.

As a result, dramatic improvements were also obtained in sound in a wide range of bands.
Prices are based on 1.2m length
4-pole XLR - RM23,199
3-pole 3.5mm - RM23,199
4-pole 2.5mm - RM23,199
5-pole 4.4mm OFC Pentaconn - RM23,199
3-pole 6.3mm - RM23,199
3-pole XLR 3.5mm x2 (Furutech) - RM24,999
3-pole XLR x2 (Neutrik) - RM24,999
3-pole XLR x2 (Furutech carbon) - RM25,699


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