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1 Year Local Malaysia Warranty (T&C applies, subjected to DD Hifi Policy)

Fiio FA7s - 6 Balanced Armature 6BA Universal IEM Earphone Detachable Cable

- 6 BA (Balanced Armature) Drivers
- 3-way Crossover System
- 316L Stainless Steel Construction
- 3rd-gen Industrial Design
- High-purity Silver Plated Monocrystalline Copper Cable
- Angled MMCX Connectors
- Twist-lock swappable plugs
- Hi-Res Audio certified

Firing on all frequencies - 6 Balanced Armature Drivers

The FA7s is equipped with 6 balanced armature drivers with each set of drivers handling a specific frequency range having their own sound chambers so as to greatly minimize frequency interference.
Both the low frequency set and high frequency set of drivers are made by Knowles - resulting in greatly extended, robust, yet controlled bass as well as highly detailed, delicate treble.
The mid-frequency driver is a custom unit exclusively made for FiiO, with lush vocals and an exceptionally pure, natural sound.

Expertly Separated, three-way crossover

The FA7s expertly tuned three-way crossover enables each driver in an average 1:1:1 way to balance the high, mid and low frequencies and separates them using the "2+2"2+ method.
Each frequency range takes two different drivers which are designed in an electronic and structural crossfer system for precise cutting - thus resulting in a more realistic, balanced sound fuly capable of rendering every last detail and emotion in your music, just as the artists intended.

Freely pick and choose, twist-lock swappable plugs

The FA7s features a twist-lock swappable plugs system. Choose between 3.5mm single-ended / 2.5mm balanced / 4.4mm balanced plugs to suit your music source. You get to choose how to enjoy your music!
* the interchangeable audio jack is officially licensed from the patent by FABRILOUS *


Wearing style: Over-the-ear
Frequency Response: 10Hz to 40kHz
Driver: Balanced Armature totalling 6
Impedance: 18ohms @ 1kHz
Sensitivity: 111dB (1kHz @ 1mW)
Max input power: 100mW
Cable: High-purity Silver-Plated Monosrystalline Copper Wire
Cable Length: Approx. 120cm
Single unit weight: 8.4g


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