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1 Year Limited Warranty from Local Distributor
(T&C applies, warranty excludes human factor damage)

Fiio K3s (NEW) Desktop DAC and Amplifier

- Two USB AUDIO modes
- Flagship-grade PCM 384k / DSD256 decoding
- RGB indicator light
- Dual Headphone Output, Dual Digital Audio Output
- ADC volume control
- Hi-Res Audio Certified

Elevate your computer with powerful decoding
Just connect the new K3 to your computer via USB to instantly upgrade to high-fidelity sound, and enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard. Equipped with an XMOS USB receiver chip, the new K3 is capable of decoding up to 348kHz / 32bit PCM and native DSD256 - the same as many DACs costing much more. The new K3's dual crystal oscillators ensure that any digital audio signals being fed into the DAC are exactly correct for further enhanced sound quality.

The new K3 employs the flagship portable ESS DAC< the ES9038Q2M. Compared to the AK4452, SNR has increased by 14dB and distortion has reduced by 13dB. The circuit design implementing this DAC has been optimized for a low noise floor and clean sound.

Compared to last generation K3, Fiio has noticeably improved on various performance indicators and overall sound quality, so you can get immersed in your music even more easily.

*Please refer to the listing picture for elaborated spec sheet*

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