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1 Year Limited Warranty (subjected to Fiio T&C)

Fiio Q3 MQA Edition Hi-Res Portable DAC Headphone Amplifier AKM AK4452 THX AAA-28x2 PCM 384kHz DSD256


- All-new XMOS XU316 chip
- Efficient AK4452 DAC
- THX AAA-28x2 Amps
- Supports Full MQA Decoding
- Dual Power Supply Design
- ADC Volume Adjustment
- All-new Strapping Kit
- RGB indicator
- Two gain levels

The Q3 MQA Edition is equipped with the next-generation XMOS XU316 controller chip, among the latest for use in USB DACs.
The XU316 features 16 cores made in an advanced manufacturing process, bringing high-performance processing and allowing support up to PCM 384kHz / 32bit and DSD256 hihg-resolution audio formats.

Due to the disrupted supply of AKM DAC chips, the Q3 MQA employs the AKM AK4452. Through numerous adjustments, this chip was tuned so that its performance is similar to that of the DAC in the original Q3 and with even slightly improved power output.
The Q3 MQA still features the same charming sound that made the original Q3 so beloved.


Dimensions: About 105mm x 59mm x 12.5mm
Weight: About 110g
DAC: AK4452
Headphone Amplifier: THX AAA-28
Decoding Support (up-to): PCM 32bit 384kHz / DSD256 / MQA
Outputs: 2.5mm BAL / 3.5mm S-E / 4.4mm BAL
Battery: 1800mAh
Output Power: PO≥ 160mW (32ohms) / BAL≥ 330mW (UAC mode, 32ohms) / BAL≥ 370mW (Line in mode, 32ohms)


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