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1 Year Limited Warranty (T&C applies, warranty excludes human factor damage)


SERENADE JR integrated streaming Media Decoder headphone amplifier with HYMALAYA LE R2R DAC module and support for streaming media playback


Rich lossless client support Network

Streaming playback supporting multiple mobile music playback software

Adopting the legendary FET operational amplifier, the discrete component LPF analog circuit combines beautiful bravery and high-precision low noise testing indicators.

The bold design of full signal path uncoupled capacitors eliminates the nonlinear distortion caused by electrolytic capacitors, and the warm and mellow healthy sound replaces the pathological beauty


Pure class a headphone amp

The ear amplifier circuit is based on Class A design, supplemented by a fully discrete transistor amplifier circuit with precise matching.


High quality 50W power supply

 A high-quality 50W circular transformer with a whole strip iron core winding, coupled with a large pond filter capacitor of nearly 30000 microfacies and a multi-stage multi-channel low noise high-speed voltage stabilizing circuit, provides a clean end fast power supply for the entire machine.



Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz, ± 0.1dB@1KHz
THD+N: 0.0025%, -3dBFS1KHzSignal to noise ratio: -110dB, 0dBFS@1KHz
Channel separation: -120dB, 0dBFS@1KHz
DAC output level: 5V/XLR, 2.5V/RCA, 0dBFS@1KHz
Headphone amplifier output power: THD+N<0.07% @ 1KHz
Balanced output: 3000mW@32 Ω, 660mw@300 Ω;
Single ended output: 2000mW@32 Ω, 410mW@300 Ω
Net weight: 3.9KG
Size: 300 * 255 * 50mm

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