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iFi audio Groundhog+ | Ground Loop Isolator for Audio Systems

Does your system suffer from an irritating buzz or hum that decreases when you touch it?
It?? missing an earth/ground. You need the Groundhog+.

The ??ouch??test
When you touch your device, does the hum/buzz noise decrease? When you let go, does it increase again?
If so, this is likely to be caused by a missing earth/ground connection. This connection normally shields your system from such interference and drains away the noise. In this instance, you need the Groundhog+.
If, when you touch it, the hum or buzz does NOT decrease, then this means you have a ground loop caused by multiple earths. The most effective solution for this is our iDefender3.0.

No more Groundhog days??
The Groundhog+ puts an end to never-ending buzz and hum by earthing your audio system and adding resolution, bass and musicality to your music.

The Groundhog+ has a variety of adapters and works with every device on the market:
- RCA base cable ??for any audio system with an unused RCA socket.
- USB converter ??for computer audio systems.
- Spade converter ??for power supplies with a DC barrel connector.
- 3.5mm Y-converter ??for portable devices with an unused 3.5mm connection.

RCA base cable For any audio system with an unused RCA socket
USB converter For computer audio systems
Spade converter For power supplies with a DC barrel connector
3.5mm Y-converter For portable devices with an unused 3.5mm connection
Banana / RCA (male cable) For grounding with AC iPurifier to equipment

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