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Musical Paradise MP-501 V5 | KT120 KT150 Tube Amplifier

MP-501 V5 is our flagship integrated tube amplifier. It is a big upgrade from the legendary MP-301 MK3 in terms of sonic details, dynamic and power. If you have low efficiency power hungry speakers, MP-501 is your solution. MP-501 can provide good bass response, big soundstage and very fine sonic details to the audience. Its sound signature combines both solid state and traditional tube advantages. It is a comprehensive amplifier that not only can play very sweet and smooth female vocal, but also can handle high dynamic range symphony unbelievably well.

MP-501 employs powerful Tung-Sol KT120/KT150 pentode power tubes and produces 55W per channel into both 8Ω and 4Ω. In order to achieve relatively high output power without sacrificing sound quality, power tubes are configured in single ended parallel mode instead of push-pull. Dual power transformers with independent DC filtering circuits provide the best channel isolation and strong power supply performance. Zero global negative feedback circuit design delivers the most natural and musical sounding.


1. Gold plated dual layers PCB board
2. CDE 940C coupling capacitors
3. Dual mono circuit design and power supplies
4. Genuine Philips, Rybycon and Kendeil high quality electrolytic capacitors
5. Vishay Dale military grade resistors
6. ALPS motor volume pot
7. Zero global negative feedback
8. Single ended Class A
9. High grade Z11 OFC power and output transformers
10. 24K gold plated RCA input and speaker terminals
11. Auto biasing design that eliminates manual bias adjustment
12. Remote volume control

Model: MP-501 V5
Tubes (Stock): Tung-Sol KT120 x 4, 6J8P x 4
Tubes (Optional): 717A, 6SJ7, 5693, KT150
Configuration: Class-A Single Ended Parallel
Output Power (RMS): 55W x 2
Output impedance: 4Ω - 8Ω
Frequency Response: 15Hz - 30Khz
T.H.D: <0.5% (1Khz)
S.N.R: 88db
AC Input: 110-120V / 220-240V 50-60Hz Worldwide Use
Weight: 30KG
Dimension: (W 35CM x L 45CM x H 20CM)
Warranty: 1 Year Limited (Except for tubes)

Tube Replacement Guide
V1 V2: 6SJ7, 5693, 717A, 6SD7, 6J8P, 6*8
V3 V4: 6SJ7, 5693, 6SD7, 6J8P, 6*8, 6AC7

V5 V6 V7 V8

KT120, KT150


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