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Announcement: Due to increasing cost of components, labors and shipping, we’re sorry to inform you that DALI Loudspeakers has decided to increase the retail price of their full line up globally. The increment is around 10-15%, starting from 1st Aug 2022 onwards.

Don’t miss the chance to grab it home before the price increases!

Feel free to PM us for BEST PRICE or make an appointment for sound testing.

Whole series DALI APAC’s bookshelf and Spektor 6 floorstanding speakers are available for audition!


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✒️ Author : Hai Wei | 📷 Photo : Hai Wei


As the What Hi-Fi? 5 stars awards winner, Spektor 1 and 2 have always been our best selling passive speakers. At the RM1k-ish price range, these compact size bookshelf speakers offer a balanced yet musical tonality. Featuring DALI’s signature wood fiber cones, Spektor 1 & 2 are able to produce a silky smooth treble, rich mids and punchy bass. The imaging is solid and lively, having a great separation and transparency. The tuning is slightly more to the warm side, without sacrificing micro details and dynamic hidden in the music. I always indulge in the lively ambiance and totally forget they’re just a pair of entry-level speakers selling at super affordable prices (somehow, they are produced by a reputable European audio company from Denmark)!

That’s why we decided to bring in the demo unit of their big brother—Spektor 6. Equipped with 2 units of 6.5” woofer using the classic wood fiber cone, Spektor 6 can create an even more lush imaging, more spacious sound stage and more powerful mids & bass that are closer to the live sound. We only place it in a quite open space without any acoustic treatment, but the Spektor 6 still amazes us with its graceful, analog sound and lively surrounding reverberation.

In short, if your room size is big enough (probably more than 10-12m²) to position the speakers properly (at least 60cm from back wall, left right distance 1.5m or above), I would strongly recommend you to go for the Spektor 6 instead of getting the Spektor 2 with speakers stand. Yes, Spektor 6 will cost you another RM1k-ish than 2, but the former will give you a “bigger” sound and save your money of buying an extra speakers stand, which might cost you another few hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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