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Acoustune, a company with a long standing history of creating iems that are not only a work of art but also a more fun energetic sound signature, not commonly found in the flagships of iems today. Building on the success from the 1500 and 1600 series, this year Acoustune has launched 2 new models from their new 1700 series; the HS1750CU and the HS1790TI.

The Acoustune HS1790TI design is by far some of the most intricate and beautifully designed IEMs I have seen to date; the level of finish and CNC quality is on another level which even non audiophiles can whole heartily appreciate.The HS1790TI is equipped with the latest second-generation Myrinx Composite driver, housed in a high quality titanium acoustic chamber made with a titanium thin-film dome process. The housing shell is made from CNC milled aluminum, along with very fine machining marks reminiscent of 枯山水 (Karesansui). These IEMs are a real looker, whether in hand or worn, people will notice.

The 1790TI improves upon the signature sound found in their previous higher end 1600 series, which is slightly warm with a mild U shape tuning yet having great technicalities. The 2nd gen Myrinx driver is very cohesive among the lows, mids and highs without being congested or one dimensional. Bass not only goes down very low, slams deep and tight, yet has some rumble that doesn’t muddy the mids at all, reminiscent of the Sony IER-Z1R. Mids are full and more upfront, with plenty of air and weight to male vocals in particular sound natural and dynamic. Treble is more on a smooth side, it still has good sparkle and resolution sounding slightly U-shape. Soundstage is a bit narrow, however what is unique to the Myrinx driver is how effortless it is when it comes to imaging and separation.

Overall, the HS1790TI takes Acoustune to a new level, perfecting their already awe inspiring designs along with a sophisticated, refined and fun sound which really sets themselves apart from the rest.

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■ 2nd Generation Myrinx Composite Drivers
■ Next-generation Acoustic Design
■ Scaled finish incorporating 枯山水/Karesansui
■ Modular Metal Body and Titanium Chamber
■ Pentaconn-Ear Connectors
■ ARC51 Hybrid 8 core cable
■ New AEX07 Eartips bundled

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 □ PM for 11/11 promo price

 □ Top up RM30 AEX70 eartips (worth RM35 per pair)

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■ 8 years physical shop / audio specialist⁣
■ Authorised dealer of Acoustune in Malaysia
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