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I have always been a fan of the vacuum tube signature which is warm, smooth and analogue sounding. Unfortunately most DAPs with tubes available in the market today does not offer music streaming, until recently. The SP2000T satisfy audiophiles' dream for this.

The SP2000T offers 3 modes which you can toggle: pure tube, op amp and hybrid mode. My preferred option is hybrid.

It's warm with good transparency and separation. Comparing to SP2000 SS, SP2K has brighter treble, better clarity and a larger sound stage. However, I will say it's more picky in matching; when pairing the SP2K SS with brighter sounding iems, it can sometimes be too bright & piercing.

I prefer SP2KT for long listening sessions which doesn't stress your ears. Comfortable and smooth sounding, while still able to bring out the microdetails of the songs.

As compared to the Cayin N8, SP2KT excels in clarity and a more user friendly interface. N8 sounds richer, warmer, fuller mids with more bass. SP2KT on the other hand sounds more neutral and balanced.

I would say SP2000T is an all rounder DAP that suits most music genres, from pop, rock, EDM to classical. If I were to choose a DAP for myself right now, SP2000T is definitely one of my top picks.


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