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✒️ Author: Kah Hon | 📷 Photo: Hai Wei


The R2R-11 Mk2 now returns even better than its predecessor, now sporting a slightly larger housing with a display screen, fully integrated as a DAC/headphone amplifier and a preamp. The Mk2 still retains the NOS R2-R DAC design, with the USB module clocks now upgraded to Cryteks, and Amenero 384 USB input for both increased precision and support for 32bit / PCM384K /DSD512 files. Build quality hasn’t been compromised a single bit and with upgrades and improvements all across the entire circuitry. Something to note, because the Mk2 employs a very direct form of circuitry, you may hear the occasional popping noises when changing tracks or adjusting the volume. This is completely normal, and will disappear once the music track starts playing.

The overall sound signature of the R2R-11 MK2 remains…consistently amazing to say the least. They aren’t called “Audio God” for no reason. The Mk2 still retains the classic clean, analogue sound, enveloped by a very black background along with low noise and hiss. For comparison, the sound signature of the R2R falls somewhere between the Topping and Aune signature, where it is very neutral yet deep, full and organic.

Bass is non intrusive or bloated at all, yet full of weight and slam when track calls for it. Fans of rock be it post or metal, will appreciate the precise yet analogue slam in drums and double bass. Mids are clean and clear, with no colouration added to the frequency allowing vocals to sound as true to the recording as possible. Treble has lots of resolution, detail and sparkle, and on the cusp of being sibilant, but nothing sharp or offensive in any way. The overall soundstage and imaging is also great, nothing exaggerated nor overemphasized.

Maybe you like the overall sound of the Mk2, but find it perhaps a bit too cold/dry to your liking. The Mk2 has als another trick up its sleeve, plug in 2 extra jumpers and you can switch to get a more warmer or “tube” like sound. Audio-GD’s take on a tube/vinyl sound is more akin to a warm signature, which is still very well done; it is different enough compared to the neutral sound setting, yet never too warm or bloated. Mids are given a very viscous liquid like tone, which gives life to vocals, making it that little bit more sweeter and golden. Bass has a little bit more warmth and the treble still retains its sparkle, but the warmer tuning makes it slightly more smoother and organic. If you have headphones where the sound signature is more neutral and analytical and find the R2R-11 Mk2 pairing to be too clinical to the ears, the warm sound profile would be an ideal setting.

The R2R-11 MK2 with its new futureproof upgrades, more driving power, the ability to change the sound profile from neutral to warm to cater to many headphones, all enclosed in a bigger and better chassis, pretty much cements itself as one of the best price to performance ratio in the integrated DAC/amp space.


◆ 4 built-in 24bit R-2R decoders (2 push-pull channels) and 2 native DSD decoders
◆ USB module clocks upgraded to Crysteks, built-in isolator for the USB module
◆ Output power rated at 3800 mW @25 ohm
◆ Real NOS discrete R-2R DAC design
◆ Fully Discrete Transistors Headamp And Preamp All-In-One
◆ Two jumpers are built-in to optionally make the sound warmer
◆ Amanero 384 USB input with support for 32bit / PCM384K /DSD512
◆ Neutrik headphone output jack
◆ High-quality R-core transformer power supply


✨ SHOPEE | |
◇ Retail : RM2720 (normal ver.) / RM2999 (upgraded ver.)
** PM for best price⠀

◇ Top up for Copper Copper Red USB cable (silver plated oxygen-free copper)
RM85 /1m (retail RM95), RM95 /1.5m (retail RM108), RM108 /2m (retail RM120), RM130 /3m (retail RM145)


■ 8 years physical shop / audio specialist⁣
■ Authorized dealer of Audio-GD in Malaysia⁣
■ 100% genuine / warranty covered⁣
■ Malaysia first audio theme cafe / library

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