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✒️ Author : Hai Wei | 📷 Photo : Willy


Finally, ATH M50x is available at Stars Picker again! (Including Black, xMO Latern Glow & BT2 version)

I believe this legendary monitoring & audiophile headphones need no introduction. So I’m just gonna share some of my thoughts about the comparison of it and its rival MDR-7506.

As a monitoring closed back headphones, M50x doesn’t sound dry and digital at all. It has very smooth and mellow mids, which can bring out the resonance of vocals and most of the instrument gracefully. On the other hand, MDR-7506 sounds a bit more energetic. It has a more solid body, treble is more extended and the bass is deeper.

Both of them sound quite balanced to my ears, just the tonality is different. In short, if you prefer a more musical and natural sound, go for the M50x. If you are a fan of more “direct” and V-shaped sounding, then 7506 might be a better choice.

Interested to know more about the battle in between M50x and 7506, kindly check our in-house review over here:

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 □ Retail : RM664-799
 □ PM for best price

□ Top up RM39 for SP-8 headphone hard case (23*25*8cm) worth RM45

 □ Top up for RM99 Uranus HP-807 silver plated OFCupgraded cable worth RM104
 □ 10% off if bundle with our SP Class B/A/S earpads

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