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✒️ Author: Kah Hon | 📷 Photo: Hai Wei


The Aune BU2 is a portable battery powered dac/amp combo featuring the same architecture as the previous BU1, featuring dual Sabre dac chipsets with 4 independent headphone amplifiers, with an output power of 100mW on the single ended and 265mW on 2.5mm balanced, confidently to drive most IEMs with ease. The latest addition of Bluetooth, makes the BU2 more versatile and a more compelling package for portable on the go use.


The overall tuning is well articulated, precise without showing any harshness in the frequencies. Aune BU2 has a very transparent, clear sound which can work well with all types of IEMs, not adding any colour to the headphone’s tuning. This is a device where you are able to hear the various sound signatures from different IEMs brands and makes. The low noise floor gives the BU2 a very nice black background with good soundstage and imaging, able to retrieve details effortlessly.


Comparing the Aune BU2 with the iFi Hip Dac V2 was interesting; the Hip Dac’s mid bass is more pronounced making vocals a bit more forward compared to the Aune BU2. There is some slight shimmer added on the top end too. The Aune BU2 however in comparison, has a more natural, uncoloured sound, along with a very black background with low hiss, showing how refined and polished the Aune BU2 can be. Using the BU2 overall allows the listener to hear both what the artist intended in the song, as well as the tuning of the headphone/earphone.


◆ Dual DAC latest-generation ES9318 DAC chipset
◆ Lower Jitter with Clock Synchronisation Technology
◆ R2R dynamic volume technology
◆ Four independent headphone amplifiers
◆ Bluetooth codec support SBC, AAC, aptX & aptX HD

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