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✒️ Author : Kah Hon | 📷 Photo : Hai Wei
▶️ Available for audition now! Ready stock

Aune’s latest version of their popular small desktop tube DAC/amp is currently in its 5th generation design, named Flamingo, features a very unique design compared to its predecessors with a more slim and compact design, where the tube is now positioned horizontally inside the chassis and a black metal coated finished. The Flamingo also offers Bluetooth as an option which supports LDAC and aptX, an OLED screen for more convenient control as well as seven different filters to help enhance its tuning further.

A standout feature from the Flamingo is the ability for users to switch between Tube mode or Op-amp mode, allowing them the freedom to switch between analogue or solid state sound signatures, with its OP+BUF frame and the positive-and-negative high-current power supply, the Flamingo has wide range of power to be able to drive most mid-range headphones with ease.

The sound of the Flamingo is overall clean and natural sounding. Quickly listening between solid state and the stock ECC82 tube from PSVANE, to my surprise they sound quite similar, with the tube sounding just a tad more analogue sounding. Users can tube roll to get different signatures.

■ 5th Generation design
■ Tube mode & Op-amp mode
■ OLED screen with 7 filter modes
■ PSVane ECC82 stock tube
■ Bluetooth option with LDAC/aptX support

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⭐ Official Store | |
□ Retail : RM 799 (non-BT) / RM 935 (BT version)
□ PM for best price (10% off till 31st Jan 2023)

□ Top up for Copper Copper Red USB cable (silver plated oxygen-free copper)
RM85 /1m (retail RM95), RM95 /1.5m (retail RM108), RM108 /2m (retail RM120), RM130 /3m (retail RM145)

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