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✒️ Author : Willy | 📷 Photo : Willy

The Beyerdynamic Free Byrd has finally arrived at Stars Picker. Our previous prediction about the sound signature based on the online reviews is somewhat matched.

Free Byrd indeed deserves the title of the “Best Sub Bass Response TWS”. Compared to Beyerdynamic house sound, it has a larger quantity of elastic bass. The bass is livelier and richer which is differ from the flat monitoring sound.

It is also warmer with darker treble and mids, maintaining the good dynamics. When listening to vocals, I personally feel that it is a little dark and blends into the background. But when it comes to string performance such as violin, you can still hear a good treble extension.

Free Byrd sounds like a warmer & darker T1 MK3 with more bass. As a TOTL TWS, the technicality parts such as clarity, details and separation are really outstanding compared to the competitors. Some audiophiles show disappointment as Free Byrd doesn’t come with a typical Beyerdynamic house sound. But for me personally, I prefer the current sound tuning. I prefer a more energetic, easy listening and warmer sound for daily commute and sports rather than a monitoring sound with amazing details but often tiring to the ears causing listening fatigue when listened to for a longer period.

I would recommend changing the eartips to Spinfit W1 or CP100+. Both eartips would improve the vocal and make it sparkling with a solid imaging. The details and separation is better than the original tips. But if you prefer an easier listening and laid back experience, you can stick to the stock tips.

In conclusion, Free Byrd exceeded my expectations this time round. If I were to nitpick on it, it would be the size. It is a little bit bulky and big in size especially for female ears.

Another thing that the Free Byrd exceeds in is the long battery life. The Free Byrd can last up to 11 hours on a single charge and an additional 19 hours with the charging case.

 ■ 10mm Dynamic driver
 ■ 11 + 19 hours battery life
 ■ Bluetooth v5.2
 ■ IPX4
 ■ APTX, APTX Adaptive, AAC
 ■ Low Latency for Gaming
 ■ Performant hybrid digital ANC with transparent mode

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□ Retail : RM1149
□ Promo NOW until 11.11 (pm for best price)

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