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✒️ Written by Kai Yuan | 📷 Photo credit : Hai Wei

When we first acquired the distribution for Beyerdynamic audiophile and gaming lineup, we were pretty excited to add the MMX300 Gen.2 into our collection as gaming headset is rare among the audiophile pure breed brands, and we can proudly say that Beyerdynamic has done a great job for the gamers who crave for high fidelity gaming.

Essentially it’s a closed back gaming headset with a side rotatable boom mic with memory wire for easy access. When the mic is pulled back up it is an audiophile headphone with crystal clear vocal and great bass, very musical sounding without sacrificing neutrality. Pull down the boom mic and you’re ready to rush B with your comrades and the trusty P90 in Dust 2. Feature aside, a lot of us came here for the sonic performance, and since it’s one of Beyerdynamic only closed back headphones, we got curious and wondered how it performs against it’s legendary sibling, the DT770 Pro.

Right on the first bass note you can tell that the MMX300 has a punchier low end with weight that brings out the energy of a pop song, it’s not boomy nor bloated, DT770 Pro on the other hand has a more reference sounding bass with accurate note to it. Even though the MMX300 is more V-shape sounding compared to the DT770 Pro, the vocal is still well presented with a nice roll off that prevents it from being too harsh, while the Pro variant on the other hand, even though has superior mid clarity which is great for studio tracking use, often makes it less enjoyable due to the spike on the vocals. MMX300 has a smooth treble that is well rounded and retains enough details too, DT770 pro just like the mid has better extension too, giving it greater details.

Design wise the MMX300 comes with 2 detachable cables with one being a single combo jack and the other being a split jack for mic and headphone, interestingly the split jack cable comes with a 6.35 adapter. Beyerdynamic expected the user to use a headphone amp, a proper audiophile move indeed! The DT770 Pro has a fixed coiled cable that is optimized for studio environments where people would move around with the headphones on while recording. MMX300 is more comfortable too as it has a less clamping force compared to the Pro variant.

Overall both are great closed back headphones that works well for different scenario, so it actually depends on what kind of audiophile are you, are you an audiophile who only wants reference sound or are you a music lover who likes fun sound with great fidelity while wanting to become a MVP in Esport!

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