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T1 and T5 have been the staples of high end headphones back in the days, representing the reference open-back and closed-back headphones of choice with high impedance but relatively easy to drive. Fast forward 10 years later, we have the Gen 3 of each of them, with lower impedance and sleeker looks.

T1 and T5 Gen 3 have sleeker, stealthier looks, with anodized aluminum yoke, premium Alcantara leather headband and lacquered stainless steel housing cover. The removable cables are made from ultra-high-purity 7N OCC Copper with fabric sleeving to ensure optimum signal transmission. The components are made almost exclusively in Germany and final assembly is carried out in the Beyerdynamic headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany.

T1 Gen 3 has taken a new approach and with a newly updated dynamic driver, with even lower impedance(from 600 ohms to 32 ohms) and same frequency response from 5Hz to 50kHz. You can practically drive this through a phone or any digital audio player. But with a better amplifier you could squeeze out even more performance from it. The T1 Gen 3 has tuned it to be darker, more "matured" sounding than the 1st Gen. The T1 Gen 1 has a polarizing treble response, some may find it too bright, but some may find it has highly detailed treble. The Gen 3 relieved the treble spikes by balancing out with a slight hump of mid-bass boost, slightly darker tone overall.

T5 Gen 3 on the other hand, stays with 32 ohms impedance and the same 5Hz - 50 kHz frequency response. While the pads have been changed from genuine leather to premium leatherette, the build has been superb. Sound signature wise, the bass has tighter control, milder treble response compared to the T1 Gen 3.

Pairing it with the Feliks Audio Echo 2, it improves transparency, details, separations and dynamic while providing the analogue, tube-ish sound. Pairing Echo 2 with the T1 and T5, this combination sounds crystal clear with superb agility and spaciousness, without reducing the rich, lively tonality and giving it a little more musicality to the mix. You can also play around with our custom Uranus HP-8GPSC Super Fusion cable, which gives it a slight warmness and musicality to the Beyers.

■ 32 ohms impedance
■ 5 Hz - 50,000 Hz frequency response
■ 100 dB (1mW) SPL
■ Detachable dual 3.5mm cable with 7N OCC Copper
■ Tilted Tesla Driver, ensures precise and spatial sound signature

✒️ Author : Leong | 📷 Photo : Hai Wei
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□ Retail : RM4,895
□ Promo: RM4,405 FOC Free Byrd TWS worth RM1,149 till the end of CNY 2023

□ Top up RM45 for Class A Velvet earpads worth RM55 per pair
□ Top up for Uranus HP-8GPSC Super Fusion upgraded cable:
RM773 /1.2m (retail RM859), RM944 /1.5m (retail RM1049), RM1259 /2m (retail RM1399)

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