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✒️ Author: Willy | 📷 Photo: Willy

Nowadays most people use to listen to music via music streaming apps such as Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal. However, as an old school music lover, sometimes holding the album cover and lyrics book on hand still gives me a closer feeling to the musicians.

If you wish to buy some CDs or already have a bunch of CD collections, but do not own any CD player, Cayin Mini-CD MK2 could be the solution with an affordable price.

The Mini CD player totally exceeds my expectation, given the price is only RM899. It is comparable with a lot of DACs that even cost RM1k above.

Sound signature is warm, meaty and analogue. Imaging is solid and lively. Treble is pretty smooth and a bit rolled off. It has a rich, vivid mids, which is able to deliver the resonance and sensibility of most of the vocals and instrument. Mini-CD mk2 is not only having a deep, full bass, the slam is also impressively powerful, giving you lush surrounding and rumbling sound.

Of course, it is just a budget CD player, expecting it to perform complicated genres such as symphony is not realistic. During the climax, details might be bloated by lower mids and bass, affecting the transparency and separation, making it sounds a bit messy, especially when you compare it with the higher range model CDT-17a mk2—a fully balanced CD player, transport (with digital outputs including coax, opt, AES) and DAC (with digital inputs including USB, coax, opt) features 4 units Amperex 6922/E88CC vintage vacuum tubes.

The Cayin Mini-CD MK2 has a moderate sound stage with good depth and clarity. I find it is really good at performing vocal, rock, jazz and chamber music.

If you are a hardcore Hires audio believer that couldn’t overcome the 44kHz limitation of CD audio, no worries, this CD player with build-in ES9018k2m DAC also allows you to upscale the sample rate of your CD up to 352kHz!

It comes with an external 9V DC power supply. If you wish to improve the clarity and reduce the background noise, getting an iFi iPower V2 or iPower X might help!

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□ Retail : RM899
□ Promo : FOC 1 selected Chinese indie music album worth RM72-115 (while stock last)

⭐ Options of free CDs are as below (limited quantity, first come first serve)
□ 程璧 - 步履不停 | Cheng Bi - Ever Walking
□ 程璧 - 晴日共剪窗 | Cheng Bi - Anna's Patio
□ 程璧 - 早生的鈴蟲 | Cheng Bi - Early Born Cricket
□ 程璧 - 詩遇上歌 | Cheng Bi - Poetry Meets Song
□ 房東的貓 - 首張同名專輯2018版 | The Landlord's Cat - The Landlord's Cat 2018
□ 房東的貓 - 柔軟 | The Landlord's Cat - Soft
□ 陳粒 - 玩(贈寫真集+海報歌詞) | Chen Li - Play (with photo album & poster)
□ 莫西子詩 - 月光白得很(簽名版) | Moxi Zishi - Moonlight Is Very White (with artist's signature)
□ 莫西子詩 - 原野(日本簽名版) | Moxi Zishi - The Wilderness (Japan Edition with artist's signature)


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