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✒️ Author: Willy | 📷 Photo: Willy


Back when Cayin announced the RU6, I was really looking forward to it being the first R2R DAC of portable dongle size form factor in the market with 4.4mm Balance Output.

Pairing RU6 with Samsung smartphone & Acoustune HS2000MX, it satisfies what I imagined for a R2R DAC. It has wide sound stage, smooth body, analogue sound and very good clarity.

Using the bundled USB Type C cable, treble presentation still carries the Cayin house sound but can be a little bit spiky on certain songs.

In search of further improvements, I've tested the RU6 pairing with Uranus USB-RSOCC cable, along with the USB pro audio app while streaming Tidal, the sound improvement is significant. Treble is much smoother and darker, sound stage is even larger, and details are much better. This combination works well to a point where it can compete with DAPs that costs thousands more when streaming Tidal.

Comparing with the Dragonfly Cobalt, the Cobalt has greater impact on bass response but with a narrower sound stage and can be a little rough on the details.

The RU6 is a 9/10 for me at its price point. The only point of deduction is the lack of power to drive power hungry headphones.

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