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Cayin Soul170i - a KT170 tube amp with 130W driving power!
We all know the ATC SCM20—the flagship bookshelf speakers produced by ATC Loudspeaker Technology Ltd—isn't easy to tame. It requires at least 75 watts of driving power to release its potential, which is a very difficult task to achieve with a pure valve amplifier.
Luckily, we have the Cayin Soul170i. Featuring 4 pieces Tungsol KT170 vacuum tubes, it can provide 130 watts via ultra linear mode or 75 watts via triode mode.
When pairing with SCM20 at Mr Bok's Hifi room, the combo produces a rich, analog and solid imaging. The ambiance is very vivid and lively. Despite having a warm tube sound, the amp has very good resolution and separation as well. The treble is sweet and airy, while the bass can really go very deep, giving you lush surrounding and rumbling sound.
Here's the full review of 玩物不丧志 Bok哥's Youtube channel. The video is presented in Mandarin with English subtitle:
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