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✒️ Author: Willy | 📷 Photo: Hai Wei

The Chord Mojo has always been a fascinating product—small size, but big sound. Some audiophiles even think its sound quality rivals (or even bests) desktop DAC/amps at similar price points. This is why people haven't stop enquiring about the Mojo 2 after the news announcement.

Finally, the Mojo 2 has arrived to Malaysia. Despite only being "burned in" for a few hours, it has already surprised us with better clarity, more resolution and added functionality.

Pairing with Hifiman Arya and Thieaudio Monarch mkii, the Mojo 2 significantly sounds more transparent and clearer compared to the old Mojo 1. I love how it brings out the airiness, separation and sweet, sparkly treble when playing vocal tracks from artists like Kokia, Faye Wong and Chyi Chin. For orchestral music, the Mojo 2 also brings out better micro details, dynamics and a wider sound stage. By contrast, the Mojo 1 sounds thicker and muddier in comparison.

For the bass department, I feel that the Mojo 1 is slightly more bassier than Mojo 2 (on default EQ), but what's very exciting is the ability to tinker around with the Mojo 2's unique "fully transparent 'Ultra HD' digital signal processing EQ" to tailor the sound that you desire. Whether you want more bass, or lesser treble, is all up to your decision. I personally prefer to add 2dB to the lower bass and minus 1-2dB to the upper treble for some EDM songs.

What's more, the Mojo 2 also offers 3 levels crossfade options for headphones and IEMs' users.

Given the price, I can't find any reason to fault the Mojo 2 except that it doesn't have a balanced output.

However, according to Rob Watts—consulting digital engineer for Chord Electronics and father to the Mojo and Hugo, single ended architecture still gives the best sound to Chord products. I believe his persistence in this must have a reason.

👇 More info about why all Chord products are using single-ended circuit

Due to strong demand for Mojo2, we are sorry to inform that the 2nd batch of ready stock will only arrive in May. In another words, you can still enjoy pre-order price for 3 months, but the allocation is based on first come first serve basis.
Believe me, good things are worth waiting.


◇ Retail Price : RM2,699


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