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✒️ Written by Kah Hon | 📷 Photo credit : Hai Wei / Willy

Wondering how the Moondrop Variations stacks up with other IEMs in the price range? 3 models do stand out.


▶️ Variations vs Blessing 2

When the Blessings 2 first launched, some fans found the sound a bit too lean with a peaky treble that can be a bit sibilant on certain audio tracks. The Variations basically fixes all the issues that were present with the Blessings 2; giving the low end a bit more rumble and warmth while at the same time shaving off the treble peaks, leaving just enough sparkle and detail in the mix. The soundstage and imaging for both are almost identical. If you were held back by the Blessings 2 sound signature, the Variations is the remedy to your woes.


▶️ Variations vs QDC Anole V3ii

This was a very interesting comparison, as they have almost polar opposite sound signatures. Comparing them side by side, the Anole V3-ii has a very warm, smooth and musical sound, with very rich vocals, a softer, more laid back treble making these IEM a pleasure to listen to for hours on end. The Variations on the other hand, with its neutral sounding presentation, almost makes the sound comparison like a tube amp vs solid state situation. Soundstaging among the 2 were about the same, however edges ahead when it comes to imaging, maybe due to the Variations neutral signature.


▶️ Variations vs Fearless S8

The Fearless S8 Freedoms and Pros have an overall more balanced sound signature compared to the Variations. They are not as warm as say the QDC Anole V3-ii, but enough to fall within the spectrum, but a with more energetic tone to their sound. The S8F has a smoother, more bassy tone with less forward mids and treble compared to the Variations. The S8F Pros are also along the same lines, having a slight bump in the treble and a tad more forward in the vocals. In terms of soundstage, the Variations still presents a wider, more open soundstage with a bit more accuracy with imagining.

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