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Fiio Q15 | First Impressions & brief comparison

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Fiio Q15, a slimmer, more portable version of the Q7, offers compact yet desktop-like audio quality dac/amp with added features like a colour screen, bluetooth and a comprehensive app with Global PEQ. We briefly compare its overall performance against the Topping G5, another similar performing portable battery powered dac/amp.


First impressions; the Fiio Q15 sounds balanced, clean, slightly dark with a punchy bass response. The improved Dac chip sounds more resolving, detailed and controlled even at high volumes. With desktop mode enabled, the Q15 has plenty of power to drive pretty much any iem and most headphones as well. It does share similar sound quality and prowess with the bigger Q7.


Compared to Topping G5, they both perform similarly when it comes to resolution and detail retrieval, but each offers a different tuning. The G5 is neutral, leaner, more brighter sounding, the treble is noticeably more sparkly and airy. The Fiio Q15 on the other hand, sounds darker and smoother, with its deeper bass slam makes it sound more dynamic and musical.  


If you are looking for a portable battery powered dac/amp which offers great sound, long battery life, a comprehensive PEQ control and bluetooth function, definitely shortlist the Q15!

✒️Author: Han 📷 Photo : Han
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◆ Flagship AK4499EX+AK4191 DAC Chipset
◆ Bluetooth Codec Support (LDAC, AptX HD) 
◆ Full-Color IPS Display Screen
◆ Global PEQ Function
◆ 5-Level Gain Modes
◆ Up to 1600mW output
◆ Desktop/Portable Dual Power Supply Mode


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□ Top up RM50 for Fiio LD-TC1 USB Type-B to Type-C cable worth RM59 (50cm)

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