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✒️Author: Hai Wei | 📷 Photo credit : Hai Wei


The exterior of Edition XS seems pretty close to the Ananda, not to mention the HE400se (non stealth magnet version / n.s.m) which looks exactly the same like the same model with build in stealth magnet.

Despite the cheaper price, do they really sound differently?

To be honest, Edition XS and HE400se (n.s.m) sound pretty close to each of their twin brother—Ananda and HE400se (w.s.m).

However, we can still notice that "Ananda" or "HE400se with stealth magnet" do have a slightly better sonic performance. They are cleaner, more airy and transparent. The sound stage is more spacious, relax and not as forward. Due to the better separation and resolution, you will be able to catch up more details from the music, and recognize the positions of each instrument easier.

So, what's the advantage of buying Edition XS and HE400se (n.s.m.)?

They are much cheaper their twin elder brother. Retail price of Edition XS is only RM1999, another RM1k cheaper than Ananda. And the HE400se (n.s.m)? It is only selling at RM369, another RM280 cheaper than the stealth magnet version. 🙃



✨ Edition XS | |
◇ Retail Price : RM1,999
◇ CNY Promo : RM1,799 FOC SP-13 XL size headphone case
** valid till 31st Jan 2022


✨ HE400se (without stealth magnet) | |
◇ Retail Price : RM369
◇ CNY Promo : RM349
** valid till 31st Jan 2022

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Comments (2)

  • LumenNote

    i am not sure about the SE in the name but their basically both manufactured in china and the one without the stealth magnet version is the version released in china,you could also call them the older version of the two,they use the same type of the black magnet,everything basically the same down to the build quality and cable,the only difference is that the stealth magnet(international) version has its magnets edge rounded for better aerodynamic,better air flow without much obstruction which gives the headphones a much airy sounding highs with a tiny bit less bass and extention。

  • Jujube Walera

    If the “se” in HE400se stands for “stealth edition,” what is the “HE400se (non stealth magnet version)”?

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