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 ▶️ FB Event :
 ▶️ Date: 27-30th Oct 2022 (Thu-Sun)

 ▶️ Time: 11am - 7pm
 ▶️ Venue: Stars Picker Audio Library
 ** This is an indoor event. For the safety of all, wearing face mask is mandatory


🎧 Demo List |

Demo List


🎧 Year End Promo |

Still remember our first Headphones Fest in 2019? Finally we are back after 3 years!

Besides the TOTL headphones devices we already have in the show room (such as Hifiman Susvara, Chord Dave, Elysian Annihilator, Audeze LCD-5, Beyerdynamic T1 MK3, Sennheiser HD800s...etc), plenty of new arrivals will be making their debut in Malaysia too!

- - - - -

🎧 Debut List:
 □ Focal Utopia (2022 new flagship, beryllium dynamic driver headphones)
 □ Focal Bathys (Bluetooth ANC headphones)
 □ Focal Stellia (closed back headphones with beryllium dynamic driver)
 □ Focal Clear MG
 □ Focal Celestee
 □ Hifiman HE-R10P (2022 Stealth Magnet Edition, closed back planar headphones)
 □ Audeze MM-500 (planar headphones for pro audio)
 □ Meze Liric (Isodynamic Hybrid Array closed back headphones)
 □ Meze Elite (flagship Isodynamic Hybrid Array open back headphones)
 □ Dan Clarke Audio Expanse (flagship planar headphones)
 □ Dan Clarke Audio Aeon 2 Noire (closed back planar headphones)
 □ Sennheiser Momentum 4 (Bluetooth ANC headphones)
 □ Elysian Acoustic Labs GAEA (5 drivers hybrid, collaborate with Effect Audio)
 □ Beyerdynamic Xelento 2 remote & wireless (2nd gen flagship Tesla driver IEM)
 □ Beyerdynamic Free Byrd (TWS)
 □ Acoustune HS1790TI (new dynamic IEM with titanium chassis)
 □ Acoustune HS1750CU (new dynamic IEM with copper chassis)
 □ Astell & Kern SP3000 (flagship DAP)
 □ Cayin HA-300 MK2 (flagship 300B flagship tube amp)
 □ Cayin HA-3A (mid range 6V6 tube amp)
 □ Fender Tour (TWS)
 □ Effect Audio Ares S
 □ Effect Audio Cadmus
 □ Effect Audio Eros S
 □ Effect Audio Cleopatra II
 □ Effect Audio Chiron

🎧 Other demo units only available during the show:
 □ 64 Audio Fourte
 □ 64 Audio Trio
 □ 64 Audio U18s
 □ 64 Audio U2t
 □ 64 Audio U6t
 □ 64 Audio DUO
 □ Sony NW-WM1Zm2
 □ Sony NW-WM1Am2
 □ Fiio M17

⭐ More & more newcomers will be announced.
⭐ We will be launching our year end sales during the event too. Stay tuned!

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