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✒️ Written by Leong | 📷 Photo credit : Hai Wei⠀


HIFIMAN Electronics releases the new replacement for the original Deva: the brand new Deva Pro along with the Bluemini Bluetooth adapter, Himalaya.
The new Deva Pro spots the similar design element of Hifiman HE-400SE, with the silver and black colourway. It also comes with dual 3.5mm inlet for traditional dual cable use; but on the left earcup, it can accept a 3.5mm TRRS(4pole) cable like the older Deva or HE-R10 type and the Bluemini dongle. You can also connect the Bluemini via a Type C cable to PC to act as a standalone DAC for the headphone.

The new Deva Pro comes with the "Stealth Magnet'' and new supernano diaphragm that is thinner most of their design and provides faster speed and response. Apart from the "Stealth Magnet", Hifiman also released the Himalaya R2R DAC with Bluetooth capability. It is the first R2R Bluetooth DAC and dongle by Hifiman and it is fully designed and developed in-house. It is a discrete R2R DAC module based on the FPGA algorithm. It provides low power consumption and low audio frequency range. It supports 24bit Hi-Res music formats and sampling rates above 768kHz and up to a massive 1.5MHz. The new Himalaya is the update of the original Bluemini that improves the details, sound and overall performance. The signal-to-noise ratio, total harmonic distortion and energy consumption is better than the previous generation. It is also compatible with the previous Deva and HE-R10D headphones.

The Bluemini features a battery life of up to 8hours and power output more than 200mW on balanced output. On the wireless connectivity, it supports high-end CODECs like LDAC and aptX HD with Bluetooth 5.0 via the Qualcomm chipset.
On the sound, the Deva Pro refreshes the sound tuning and improves clarity from the original Deva. The bass is relatively linear but able to reach the lower bass spectrum with slight boost. The mid-bass region is tight and well-controlled. Although it wouldn't satisfy anyone that is looking for heart-thumping electronic tunes, it will satisfy any other genre with clean and accurate bass tunes.
The mid range is clear and smooth, having a balanced response but more focused on separation, transparency throughout the vocals and instruments. The vocals tend to stay just a tad on top of your head and slightly more forward compared to the Sundara. The timbre is quite neutral and still considerably energetic and you would not feel too recessed on the mids. The upper-mids sometimes will feel slightly more fun or coloured for the guitars but the lower bass strings might be a little flat for some.

On the treble side, it would be the most departure from the original Deva, with more details and slightly more coloured trebles. The treble is slightly brighter, but still staying pleasant for most of the time. In some instances, the crashes and cymbals are more splashy and you can instantly engage in the mix.

Soundstage wise, the lateral width is not as far as other Hifiman models, but the depth and headroom does have a better extension than the HE-400SE and Sundara. The imaging feels a little closer to your face, having an experience like the sound coming just on the left and right ears instead of having an out-of-head experience. But the overall separation, layering are still up to par for Hifiman's standard. The Bluemini dongle does a good job of retaining much of the Deva Pro's characteristics via cable connection, but with a little sacrifice on the spaciousness and airiness. In return, you would get a wireless connectivity and cable-free Hi-Res music experience.

Overall, the Deva Pro is a definite upgrade from the original Deva with a new twist and fresh tuning out of the box. The Bluemini dongle can transform your music experience of planar headphones being grounded from desktop space to anywhere you want it to be, thanks to the long battery life and powerful output. Thanks to the Hifiman high-tech performance and economical value, this might be the best sounding wireless headphone, to date!


◆ Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
◆ Impedance: 18 Ohm
◆ Sensitivity: 93.5 dB
◆ Weight: 360 gram
◆ DAC: Himalaya R2R
◆ Signal to Noise Ratio: 114dB
◆ Battery Life: 8 hours
◆ Bluetooth Codecs: LDAC, aptX HD, aptX, AAC, SBC
◇ Retail : RM1399 | PM for best price

◇ Top up for HP-Litz OCC Copper upgraded cable : RM619 / 1.2m (original price RM729), RM815 / 1.5m (original price RM959), RM975 / 2m (original price RM1150)
** 8 wires: 7×7 strands 6N OCC, 23awg per wire. Audio Note solder tin.

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