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Intime has been an overlooked brand by local audiophiles, but with affordable price and outstanding performance, you should not miss out what they have to offer next.

The new Miyabi is a brilliant IEM at its price range, and might be able to give the pricier and higher end IEM a run for their money.

Spotting a similar design with Intime Kira, with the same shell but dressed in a honey ember colour, this IEM will be giving you a feast of music experience that you are waiting for. With a simple and elegant packaging, the Miyabi has a simple straight down MMCX cable design, 3 different sizes of eartips and a cable management clip. You can simply wear it straight down or loop it over your ears based on your personal preference.

The shell has a half-resin, half-metal design. The rear is a ember colour resin which has a unique colour design for every unit during the moulding process and the front half has a brass housing which provides a soft yet deep bass reproduction. The brass shell will also age over time, the patina will show itself with time and show a unique design to each unit.

The driver itself is a graphene coated dynamic driver which acts as a woofer and the 3rd generation of VST2 (Vertical Support Tweeter) driver. The VST2 is a piezoelectric driver which deforms or expands itself when applying electricity, which produces sound. Intime takes the experience and technology from the previous models of Kira/Go, and applies it to the Miyabi. The treble performance and extension is clear and lively due to the VST driver.

Another unique technology adopted in the Miyabi is the HDSS (High Definition Sound Standard). It was also implemented in the Sora 2 and the Ti3. Its purpose is to suppress sound reflection inside the rear housing. In particular, by reducing reflection and resonance, you can enjoy the music with lesser distortion.

Now with all the tech specs, we are going into the performance of Miyabi. But first, if you are a basshead, you may have to look away (or consider the Intime Kira) as the bass in Miyabi is relatively tight, lacks a little rumble and grunt on the deeper subs. But the mid-bass is swift and well-controlled, it is not a heavy haymaker, rather a swift and speedy jab from a boxer. The speed and attack of the drumbeats are pretty spot on, not overstaying their welcome in the music.

The mid-range of the Miyabi is slightly more intimate sounding, with clean and gripping details on the overall sound. In the Kira, the vocals are slightly further away, slightly nasal sounding but giving a more mellow feel. Miyabi has a cleaner vocal, with adequate body and weight to the sound. Male vocals are slightly on the dryer side, but never offensive. The female vocals are clean and sparkly but not fatiguing in any manner. The treble is more on the sparkly side, with the longer decay in the crash and cymbals, but you still can hear the details underneath the splashes.

One of the most notable aspects of the Miyabi lies in the outstanding imaging, gripping details and the overall technicalities. The soundstage is above average, but the cohesive presentation of instruments and imaging makes up for it. The slight intimacy of the vocals, great headroom gives you a more holographic experience compared to the IEM at the same price range. The micro-detail performance is also one of the advantages of Miyabi. The grains of shakers, cymbals and crashes, are clearly reproduced but not in a forceful manner. Everything is presented naturally at its own pace.

For the listeners who are still undecided what to get, Intime Kira at the similar price range gives you more rumble and bass, while still giving enough airiness and treble extension, despite a slight drawback on the vocals, you probably would have more enjoyment in J-Pop or J-Rock. Miyabi on the other hand, has a cleaner sounding, well controlled and tighter bass with snappy response.

In the IEM market blooming with multiple drivers setup, Intime has kept it simple and elegant with affordable pricing (and definitely outperforming its price range). Now how would you like to take this fairlady for a ride in your journey of music enjoyment?

◆ Resin rear housing with unique colour and brass housing
◆ Driver Configuration: 10mm Graphene Coated Dynamic Driver + 3rd Gen VST2 Ceramic Tweeter + HDSS Technology
◆ Impedance: 22ohm
◆ Sensitivity: 100dB / mW
◆ Frequency Range: 20Hz to 50kHz
◆ Cable: MMCX connector 3.5mm plug OFC Cable
◆ Cable Length: 1.2m


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◇ Retail : RM665 | Promo : PM for best price

◇ Top up RM18 for ePro EP00 horn-shaped eartips worth RM25 per pair


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