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Intime New Lineups - Go Mark II, Kira Mark II, Miyabi Mark II

▶️ Demo unit is available for auditions!

Intime has refreshed their mid-tier lineups with the brand new Mark II variants of Go/Kira/Miyabi IEM. Stay true to the bullet style form factor, with added new connector of Pentaconn Ears for the models. The models can be differentiated with colours of the housing: Go has a lively yellow housing, Kira has a striking blue housing and Kira has a honey amber housing.

They represented 3 different tunings, with Go emphasising the meaty, roaring low end; Kira with the sparkly mids and treble performance; and Miyabi with the ever so elegant neutral-ish performance. There's always one for everyone with different needs. The Pentaconn Ear connectors have low contact resistance, and reduce loss of electrical signals. With the craftsmanship from Tsubame-Sanjō (a metalwork powerhouse region in Japan), all 3 models are equipped with anodized Titanium alloy front housing. The titanium alloy housing has lower acoustic loss and higher elastic modulus than aluminium. The ceramic tweeter VST can work efficiently and transmit the soundwave with lesser loss in the housing. In addition with the collaboration with the craftsman from Tsubame-Sanjō, a new anodizing technology for titanium alloys were introduced. The new plating has no peeling issue or chipping, and colour matching with each model can be made possible. The Go Mark II has a matte bronze finish, while the Kira Mark II has a light blue finish. Miyabi Mark II has a shiny bronze finish. All of them equipped with new 3rd Gen VST2(Vertical Support Twitter), which is a multilayer ceramic piezoelectric tweeter, it achieves ultra-high frequency range that beyond audible regions, enabling the reproduction of a more natural sound. With the optimization of 4th gen HDSS (a patented sound correction technology by TBI Audio System LLC) sound reflection shield, it reduces woofer interference of sound inside the chamber and optimises the flow of soundwave.


Intime Go Mark II - Bass Lover's Delight

The "轟"(Go) represents the roaring sound of thunder, matching it's thunderous bass but with lightning fast response. The Go Mark II uses a titanium-coated woofer, enabling a crispy sound and imaging over the other metal-coated diaphragm driver. This model does not emphasise only the bass region, rather the separation, speed and clear vocals over the thunderous bass. In other words, other IEM with this amount of bass would sound muddy and bloaty, Go Mark II handles the bass like Muhammad Ali, floats like a butterfly but stings like a hornet. In short, you can fully enjoy the bass and drum beats of rock music, or just deep bass that you want from the hip-hop tracks like you hear them at a live tour.


Intime Kira Mark II - Sparkly Sound for the Vocal Lovers

"煌"(Kira), the sparkly bright light that shines on the vocals and treble, Kira Mark II uses a graphene-coated woofer like the previous gen. The use of graphene-coating enables snappier response due to high rigidity and ultra-lightweight. It reduces unwanted vibrations and is able to reproduce sound up to ultra-high range. With the fine tune of the high frequency range, changes of stainless steel front housing to titanium housing with HDSS technology, the new IEM is able to achieve impressive mids and treble performance with a wide soundstage. You can hear every breath of your favourite singers, the female vocals, crispy highs of the high-hats and the sparkly piano performance.


Intime Miyabi Mark II - The elegant Fairlady, Reborn

Intime "雅"(Miyabi) Mark II, refines from the first model, representing the elegance of the sound that you receive from these earphones. Whilst Go and Kira represent different spectrums of sound, Miyabi Mark II is the elegant allrounder, like a fairlady enjoying her evening tea with scones. The graphene-coated driver, with the new titanium housing, improved upon the detail retrievals and achieved a flatter tuning than the older model. Combined with the VST2 tweeter, it is able to express a purer sound for you to enjoy. The resin housing incorporated the manufacturing technology by master craftsman of Gunma and finished in a golden amber colour. You can enjoy a wide range of music regardless of genre, with clear vocals as if someone is singing directly into your ears. From classical music to pop, the smoothness of Miyabi Mark II will carry you throughout all your music enjoyment.


✒️ Author : Leong | 📷 Photo : Han

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 ■ Impedance: 22 Ohms
 ■ Frequency response: 10Hz–40kHz (Go II) / 25Hz–50kHz (Kira II) / 20Hz–45kHz (Miyabi II)
 ■ Sensitivity: 105dB/mW (Go II) / 106dB/mW (Kira II) / 108dB/mW (Miyabi II)
 ■ Driver: Graphene-Coated Woofer (Kira II/Miyabi II) + 3rd Gen VST2 Tweeter / Titanium-Coated Woofer (Go II) + 3rd Gen VST2 Tweeter
■ Accessories: All models comes with isep01 eartips (S, MS, M, L), Memory Foam M-size eartips (Go II only), Genuine leather cable wrap, Carrying pouch


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⭐ Official Store
Intime Go Mk II | |
□ Retail : RM889 | PM for best price

Intime Kira Mk II | |

□ Retail : RM889 | PM for best price

Intime Miyabi Mk II | |

□ Retail : RM919 | PM for best price

 □ Top up RM18 for ePro EP00 horn-shaped eartips worth RM25 per pair
 □ Top up RM27 for Spinfit CP100+ eartips worth RM34 per pair

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